Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1983 Dimanche-Derniere Heure

Card Review: N/A  This is another Dimanche-Derniere Newspaper insert.  This one is from 1983.  For a more detailed explanation as to what these inserts were, follow this link to the first one I posted about.  Prior to acquiring these, I thought this was the only one there was.  I didn't realize they put a new out presumably every year from 1972-83.  This one must be the most common, because it's the one I've seen on ebay with some regularity.  One particular seller has had a copy up for over a year, with a $29.99 starting price and a $16 shipping fee.  These things are sort of cool, but you'd have to be out of your mind to pay that price.  If your player collector looking to pick one up, the $5 range seems fair to me after viewing one in hand.  Perhaps a little more due to their scarcity and the fact some one took the trouble to preserve it for 30+ years.  Then again, I can't imagine demand for these things being very high.

Google translates the text as follows:

Tim Wallach (29) 3rd base
Born in Huntington Park, California, September 14, 1958...Age: 24 years....3rd base...Height: 6'3''...Weight: 205 lbs...Throws and bats right...Lives: Tustin, California...Acquired: Expos 1st pick in the June 1979 amateur draft, promoted to the Majors September 1, 1980...Stay in the Majors: 2 years, 31 days; under contract for one year...Tim married his wife Lori Bickford October 10, 1980...His favorite hobbies are racquet ball and golf...He batted .268 (31 doubles, 28 HR, 97 RBI) in 1982.

Back of insert

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