Monday, October 21, 2013

Recent Pick Ups

This is my 2nd copy of the 1984 Topps encased variant-test-proof whatever you want to call it.  I'm not picky about using the proper terminology, but some people get worked up about it.  I'll just keep adding them to my collection and let other people decide what it should be called.  This one came cheaper than the my first, but was still what I consider to be expensive, which is to say, it cost more than a 18 cents.

The above assortment of cards came from a seller on Sportlots.  They were all of the standard 18 cent variety, then whatever bulk discounts the seller tossed in.  I was actually "shopping" for some other cards, something I do on rare occasions, and decided if I was already paying for shipping it would be prudent to go ahead and relieve the seller of all his Wallach's as well.

Not too long ago I posted about a 100 card lot of 1988 Topps Wallach's that I picked up from a seller on ebay.  Since I started this blog, my standard ebay feedback that I leave whenever I buy a Wallach related item is "thank you,"  I've often wondered whether or not this is a good idea.  I feel like I'm sort of inviting price gauging.  The seller of the '88 Topps lot was the first to ever mention it.  He reached out, and said he had more Wallach's and would let them go at a very reasonable price.  So I took him up on his offer, and the 263 Wallach's seen above are what he sent.  I've been really amazed at the generosity of people and there willingness to humor the ridiculous mission of this blog.  Sure these weren't free, but I don't expect people to give me cards for free.  All this guy basically wanted was shipping, and he took the time to go through god knows how many cards to find these.  So thank you.

My final recent pick up are the two cards above.  That's a 2nd copy of the '87 General Mills booklet "card."  I've blurred other card out because it will be getting it's own post shortly.  Had I known I was going to come across it, I would have waited another week or two to post my "need list."

Updated totals for all these aren't being listed in this post in the interest of saving time, but the totals have been updated on the individual card post, just click the respective cards link on the right if your curious.

I've also recently negotiated a purchase of a huge collection of Wallach's.  It'll probably end up being the single largest purchase I've made since starting this blog.  I'll have to count them to know for sure, but hope to have them in hand in the next week or two.

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