Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Non-Card Need List

Most of the items on this list show up in online databases of Wallach cards.  I don't consider them to be baseball cards, and as such am not including them on my "Need List."  That doesn't mean I wouldn't add them to my Wallach collection, I just don't view them as cards.  Subsequently, they are of much lower priority.

In addition to these specific items,  I am always interested in anything Wallach related, be it a game worn item, or obscure odd-ball items such as a Slurpee cup or a pencil or whatever you may have.

Non-Card Needs
1972-83 Dimanche/Derniere Hore

I think this about an 8x10 cardboard page.  I've seen it a few times on ebay but it's always way over-priced.

It's not a baseball card, I don't care what anyone says.

1981 Expos Postcards #16

The Expos put out a post card set every year.  Maybe I'm nuts, but think there's an inherent difference between a post card and a baseball card, and as such am not counting these as "baseball cards."

1982 Expos Postcards #40

1983 Expos Postcards #34
1984 Expos Postcards #35
1984 Expos Postcards #35 (Canadian Version)
1985 Expos Postcards # ?
1986 Expos Postcards #17
1987 Expos Postcards #32
1988 Expos Postcards #33
1989 Expos Postcards #29
1990 Expos Postcards #37

1986 Provigio Posters #10

That's not the Wallach on the left, but it's the closest thing to a sample I could find.

1986 All-Star Buttons #117

That photo may or may not be what these are, but it seemed the most likely candidate from the results of a google image search.

1989 T.V. Sports Mailbag 8x10 #16
I'm aware that the picture below is of Greg Maddux, if you find a sample picture of the Wallach (or better yet the actual Wallach) go ahead and send it my way.

1991 Star Shot Pinback Badges #51
Again, not the Wallach.  Feel free to provide me with a picture or real deal if you have either.

1992 Hit the Bookmarks #136
These aren't that rare.  Chances are there's one on ebay now.  These don't have pictures, or team logos, or anything beyond a facsimile signature of the player.  I really don't even want one, but the OCD in me demands that I put it here and will likely lead to the purchase of one ultimately.

1994 Dodgers Daily News Fold-out


  1. Is there a Canadian version of all the 84 Expos postcards? How do you tell them apart from the regular? When I look for lists of Virdon cards the Canadian version has never shown up.

    I have the 1972-83 Dimanche/Derniere Hore in my Virdon collection and I don't know why but it is my favorite card in my Virdon collection.

    I have a couple more to add to your checklist, maybe you already have them, or maybe you don't even care. From 1980 to at least 1983 (could be longer but latest I have found is 1983) teams issued slides to tv stations that aired baseball games. They used them to show the players portrait on the screen. Kind of like they do now between innings to show who the next 3 batters are. Here is the Virdon one from 1983.


  2. AdamE - Thanks for the info on those slides. I will definitely keep an eye out for them. I'm just going to consider them odd/ball non-cards for now (I'll sleep better). The itemson this list show up on either (usually both) the Beckett player check-list or the Sports Card Forum Inventory. I don't think they're cards and don't think they should be listed on either. But I'm not in charge.

    I don't know for sure that there is a "Canadian" version of the '84 postcard. I saw it listed next to the normal one. I suspect it's just a mistake and they are in fact one in the same.

    If you ever come across any other sort of odd-ball Expos stuff from that era that may include a Wallach, please let me know.

  3. If I see anything I'll let you know. And if you ever come across anything Virdon let me know.

  4. I remember those bookmarks. I wish I had held on to some of those.

  5. I found a Canadian version Virdon postcard, it has French on the back. The Wallach should be the same way. Don't know how many years they did this but this is a 1984 postcard so there are potentially two versions of each year not just 1986 like you have on your "not quite card" list.