Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Recent Acquisitions

I've been a little more active on ebay and other online sites of late.  A by product of having sold some items on ebay and having a balance on my paypal account.  Probably the most interesting pickup is the card from the ebay listing above.  It's a 2nd copy of the Topps Cloth "card."  I blurred the price, but it came cheaper than my first one by a solid margin.  I don't know if I over-paid the 1st time or got a deal on this one.  I probably overpaid for both.

I love finding lots like the one above.  100 (actually 102 upon counting) '88 Topps, shipped, for under a nickel a card.  Too often lots, even ones smaller than this show up on ebay demanding upwards of a dollar a card.

The two lots above also constituted ebay victories.  I actually feel a little bad for the seller of the 142 card lot.  The postage on the envelope they arrived in cost more than my winning bid and his shipping charge combined.  I don't feel that bad though.

The smaller lot actually had some very nice cards, including an '88 Fleer glossy (only my 2nd one), and some Pinnacle Museum collection cards.

These final cards below I picked up off the site "Just Commons."  I check that site a couple times a year and clean it out.  He always manages to restock though with a few more Wallachs.

All the Totals have been updated.

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