Monday, September 16, 2013

Les Expos Magazine 1987 Numero 5

All of the other magazines I've come across featuring Wallach, have been at least 50/50 English/French.  Every word of content (sans ads) was printed in both languages.  Either from paragraph to paragraph, or the articles would be repeated somewhere else in the magazine.  That wasn't the case with this one.  This one is 90% French.  Fortunately the article on Wallach was one of two things in the magazine printed in both English and French, everything else just French.  It's an ok article, pretty boilerplate, but did have some interesting quotes I've copied below.  The centerfold is also the worlds worst looking Wallach poster.  One that I have no desire to pull out and frame.  I'm perfectly content to leave it intact in the magazine.

Thats the English version of the article on the left, part of the french is below just to show the different photo they used.

Here some quotes from the article:

"I don't feel the need to be in the limelight.  I don't have any problems with my ego," he says when someone mentions that his talent is virtually unrecognized.

"I've been here for seven years and the younger players study the reactions of guys like Hubie (Brooks), Rock (Tim Raines), Smitty (Bryn Smith), and me.  I know that when I first joined the Expos I 
used to watch the way the older team members acted and I was always in impressed with the fact that those guys were persuaded that they could win every single game."

"Mike Schmidt deserves whatever has been coming to him.  His accomplishments have been very impressive this season, namely hitting his 500th home run and making his 2,000th hit.  I think he deserves to be the people's choice for the All-Star game."  (ed note, I didn't)

"At the end of last season, Murray (Expos GM Murray Cook) told me that my name would likely be mentioned in several trade rumors.  Not because the Expose were necessarily looking to trade me, but because a few teams had expressed their desire to acquire him.  He also said that if the offer were good enough, I could very well be traded."

"If I do want to be traded one day, you can be sure that I'll tell the team's management and no one else.  I have far to much respect for the Expos to conduct my negotiations in public."

He would like to be remembered once his career is over, as a player who always gave it all he had and was always reliable.  "I don't play just to be remembered.  I want to do my job as best I can."

Below are some ads from the magazine:


The center-fold Poster:

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