Monday, February 4, 2013

Off-Centered 1985 Topps

As of this posting I have roughly 1,700 Topps base cards from 1982-91 (the gray back era) of Wallach.  This one is far and away the most off-centered.  That really speaks volumes for Topps and the care they put into their production runs.

I'm a fan of off-centered cards.  Growing up before the days of inserts, these things always demanded a premium on the trading block.  I also remember them being unique to Topps, I don't recall any Donruss/Fleer off-centered cards to this degree.  That could be wrong, but if it is the case, how'd they manage that?  Did they use a different cutting process?

I count this as an '85 Topps.  If I ever come across one that's less than 50% Wallach, I'm not sure how I'll count it.

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