Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lundi Cut-Out Poster

This is a cut-out Poster from "Lundi" magazine.  The ebay description didn't mention that it was nothing more than a 8x11 page cut out of a magazine.  It didn't say it was anything else, but I just inferred more from the word "poster."

I did some research, I guess these Lundi posters were collected by people.  There is actually a web page dedicated to all the Lundi Posters featuring Muppets.  "Le Lundi" is a French-Canadian magazine that "features complete coverage of arts & culture news, in depth interviews with Quebec celebrities and an international section."

I don't know when exactly this poster is from, but on the back is an add that as best I can tell (since I don't speak French) features an offer that expired in June of 1983.  So I'm guessing this poster came from an issue in published sometime before then.

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