Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sports Card Forum "Trade"

I recently created an account with the website "Sports Collector's Forum."  I posted a thread soliciting Wallach cards and immediately received 2 responses.  One was garbage.  To the effect of, "I have like 4 cards, I'll sell you all 4 for $5."  I get a lot of those through this site as well.  I sent my typical response of, "I'll send you a SASE and 4 cards of your favorite team/player."  I didn't get a response.

The 2nd was much more serious, 131 cards for 5 cents a pop, plus 18 RC's @ 50 cents.  I immediately said yes to the large lot, and offered the same 5 cents on the RC's.  Maybe I'm cheap, but really, who else is buying?  The seller declined, and opted to keep the RC's, but sold me the rest.

I've debated whether or not to include this transaction on "The Map" of where cards have been sent from.  Ultimately I'm going to include it, but with no name.  I don't include purchases, because that's more or less a retail site.  "Sports Collector's Forum" is more or less a message board.  Additionally, the header on the right of this page has read from day one that I'll make you an offer.  And it's not like I don't send stuff in return to people who send me cards, but it just feels different to send some cards than a paypal invoice.  So, the final verdict, cash for cards transactions will get listed as "SCF" with the city/state.  Cards for free, or cards for cards will continue to be listed as they have.  Cards bought off commercial sites like sportslots, COMC, and Ebay, won't be listed on the map.

Below are the 131 cards from my 1st "Sports Collector's Forum" transaction.  There's nothing new, but most of them are from 1990 and earlier, which is far and away my favorite period.  I bought them blind, so it could have been 100 '93 Donruss, which I want, but was much happier to see this assortment:


  1. Great haul! And for what, under 7 bucks? Can't go wrong with that...

  2. Those 82 Topps are till one of my all time favorites.