Monday, October 12, 2020

Newburgh, IN

These cards were sent by Dave of Newburgh, Indiana back in August.  You  may notice the top of the '83 Topps and bottom of one of those 1991 Upper Deck checklist have some issues.  Those are my fault.  Dave packaged these cards as nicely and securely as any cards I've ever received.  Each card was inside of a penny sleeve, inside of a brand new pristine top loader, all inside a new team bag and sent in a bubble mailer.  So what happened?  My dog happened.  A year ago or so that was a common occurrence.  I have Siberian Husky that turns two in January.  She was a cardboard addict the first year or two that I had her, then she chilled out a little (and I got better about keeping things on higher shelves).  Something about this envelope was irresistible to her though and she tried her best to do a little damage.  Thanks to Daves careful packaging, the damage was nominal.

Thanks for the cards Dave.

Updated Totals:

(Ivy, cardboard addict)

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  1. Nice looking dog. I've got a 5 month-old part-Husky.. Pretty proud of myself for not losing any cards to her (yet), but she's definitely also a cardboard addict in that she loves ripping up cardboard boxes into little pieces.