Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Rawlings Glove

Last April (2019) I posted photos of a Tim Wallach model Rawling Glove that I had found on eBay.  It was something that I always figured must exists somewhere, given the fact that Wallach won three (should of been more) Gold Gloves during his career, but something I had never actually seen a picture of let alone owned.  

So after 35 years of searching, with Little League and Varsity careers wasted wearing a Kirby Puckett Wilson model glove on my hand (it was actually a great glove), I finally had a Wallach glove.  As chance would have it, it didn't take long to have two Wallach model gloves.  Literally before I could even publish the post for the first glove, this one showed up on eBay.  Naturally I bought it.  While it's in better shape, and used less, I like the first one better.  The first one actually looks like same model Wallach wore.   There's nothing wrong with this one, and given my preference for center field over shortstop (where I was usually forced to play), the web of this glove probably would have suited me better, but I still prefer the other model.  That said, this a very nice leather Rawlings if great shape.    I didn't post it right away because I wanted to give the first one it's proper deference, not water down it's significance.  Also, this is a baseball card blog, not baseball glove blog, so I figured some breathing room was in order.

I asked last time and didn't get much in the way of feedback, but if any of you are glove collectors (I am not), and know more about these gloves, please let me know.  Any information on this or the other one would be greatly appreciated.  Here are some more pictures:

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