Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Tim Wallach Rawlings Glove

This is NOT a game worn glove.  Well, at least not worn by Wallach in an MLB game.  Somebody wore it at some point, but more likely in some American Legion game by an anonymous teenager.

I wasn't sure if these existed.  When I saw it pop up on ebay, I did a double take and hit "Buy It Now" faster than I ever have in my live.  As a Little Leaguer, my general assumption was that anyone who won a Gold Glove also had a Rawlings glove that could be bought and worn.   I would have loved to have played with this glove.  I just never saw one, and came to accept that while my teammates had Jose Canseco, George Brett, Ozzie Smith, and other names proudly printed in the palm of their Rawlings gloves, that I would never get to sport "Tim Wallach" in mine.

Granted, I never had a Rawlings glove.  They were too expensive.  I suspect my parents would have found a way to buy me one had I stumbled across the Wallach model, but as I never did, it was never an issue.  My last year of Little League, my father bought me a new glove.  It was a black Wilson with Kirby Puckett's name in the palm.  I wore it through the end of Little League, all of Pony League, and a few years of varsity baseball until it was ultimately lost in a bag that was stolen out of a dugout in college.  I loved that glove and was sad to lose it.  Still, this glove feels really nice on my hand, and definitely would have been more suited for my last year varsity ball when I was forced to play shortstop than my Puckett outfielders glove was.  I have had one round of catch with it, but have retired it to a shelf now as I don't want to wear it out anymore than it already is.

I'm not very good at reading the markings on these gloves, so if anyone out there is, and can give me more info on it (or better yet point me in the direction of a new one) please let me know.


  1. I've been using that glove to play rec ball for the last 30 years! Just conditioned it tonight in prep for another season!