Saturday, July 1, 2017

Newbury Park, CA

From time to time "real life" gets in the way of my time and scheduling for documenting my efforts to hoard as many 30 year old baseball cards of a relatively obscure third baseman who played for a team that no longer exists.  And I don't mean anything bad as far as "real life."  Just the usual, cooking, cleaning, dogs, kids not in school, some extra stuff at work.  In any event, this blog is has been forced to the backseat to a degree.

Todd sent these cards quite awhile back, and I am only now just getting to them.  Which is not very considerate on my part, because any time 1983 Topps (the greatest Topps set ever printed) arrive in my mailbox I need to make a better effort to acknowledge them.

So thank you for the cards Todd.  Newbury Park is now listed on my map, and I've posted a link to your blog, "Card Bored Dad," below.

Updated Totals: 

1983 Topps x3: 244
1984 Topps: 300

Check out Todd's blog, "Card Bored Dad"

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