Friday, October 7, 2016

Atlanta, GA

These cards were sent by Stephen of Atlanta, Georgia.  The letter may be difficult to read, but it gives an explanation for the a large number of 1992 Studio cards included.  Which probably merits an explanation.  I'm sure I have a few loose '92 Studio's buried in the white box depths of my collection somewhere, but I'm certain I don't have more than two of any player, let alone five (Wallach's excluded obviously).

Stephen explains that he used to work in a video rental store in a strip center that also had a card shop, and would trade rentals for product that didn't sell well, like packs/boxes of '92 Studio.  I'm not sure who was getting the better deal, but I'm certain that Kevin Smith movies would have been better if they had included a card shop into the mix.  Thanks for the cards Stephen.

Updated Totals:

1985 Fleer: 68
1992 Studio x5: 38
1992 Upper Deck x2: 243
1993 Topps: 133
1994 Stadium Club x3: 32

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