Thursday, June 16, 2016

Elgin, IL

These cards were sent by Jim of Elgin, IL.  Jim sends me cards faster than I can post them.  I'm not complaining, I'm just making excuses for falling behind in my updates. 

Included with these cards was a Fleer Expos sticker.  I have good number of Fleer stickers in my own collection left over from my pack buying days as a kid.  However, I have very few older (pre-90) Fleer Expos stickers.  That's because when I pulled an Expos sticker it usually got stuck somewhere.  Notebooks, bikes, binders, etc.  I'm a huge fan of the older Fleer stickers, but they're not the sort of thing I think to buy, so it's cool to get them in the mail like this.  Even today, I'd much prefer a team sticker to 99% of the garabage Topps shoves in their packs that aren't base cards.  Though I don't think I'd be sticking them on things as often as I did thirty years ago, but who knows, the there are plenty of things in my garage may benefit from some.

Thank you very much Jim.

Updated totals:

1987 Donruss: 376
1987 Topps x3: 736


  1. I also dig the pre-90's stickers.

  2. I have a few more Expos stickers I will be sending you, let me know if you would like any other teams. I have a bunch. Take Care