Saturday, May 28, 2016

Seattle, Washington

These cards were sent by Mark from Seattle, Washington.  This is the first time I've received a card like the '89 Bowman that Mark sent.  I'm pretty sure that's a Joe Hesketh head transposed onto the Wallach card, giving it an NBA Jam look (google it kids).  I can remember cutting up Garbage Pail Kids and sticking them onto baseball cards for goofy effects.  Beckett used to run a feature on it.  So don't worry Mark, no offense taken, but fair warning, I'm probably going to attempt to peel the Hesketh head off of the Bowman.

Thanks for the cards.

Updated Totals:

1986 Leaf: 22
1987 Sportflics Tri-Stars x2: 9
1988 Score: 223
1988 Topps Big: 51
1989 Bowman: 135

And since these cards came from Seattle, I'll use it as an excuse to post some images related to the Greatest American Rock and Roll band of all-time.

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