Monday, January 11, 2016

Portland, OR

These cards were sent by Gavin, from Portland, Oregon.  Gavin runs the very interesting "Baseball Card Breakdown."  It's the first time he has sent cards.  Many probably don't notice anything off with the cards sent, which is probably about as high a compliment as can be made to Gavin, because those "Cardsphere Heroes" cards and 1985 Donruss Kings, aren't "real" cards.  Those are custom creations of Gavin's, and they're awesome, particularly the '85 Donruss King which looks completely legitimate. 

I have long meant to create some custom mock ups of Wallach cards in photoshop, but have never made a serious effort due to the time I find it demands whenever I start playing with it.  Gavin not only did it, but has obviously taken the next step of playing with print settings and blank card stock to create these extremely real looking and feeling cards.  I'm not going to count them as "real" cards for purposes of the official tally, but they're both getting individual posts in the near future as though they were real cards. 

I'm hoping to use these as motivation to finally get around to doing my own custom cards in 2016.  My short list is easy enough, '81 Topps, Donruss, and Fleer cards, and Topps All-Star cards for the '85, '89, and '91 sets.  Don't hold breath waiting on me though.

Thank you very much Gavin.

Updated Totals:

1989 Bowman x2: 2

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  1. You're welcome! The customs were a lot of fun to whip up. Yeah, you should definitely give it a go yourself.