Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Woodbury, MN

These cards were sent by Jim, of "Garvey Cey Russel Lopes," and "Oh My O-Pee-Chee!"  It's a very nice assortment of cards.  Included with it was the St. Vincent stamp.  I literally came across one for the first time on ebay and ordered it about a week before Jim's envelope arrived.  I was just going to keep it in my box of oddball items, but given that one has showed up this way, I am now going to catalog this as a "card" (and have updated the original post to reflect that). This is the 6th time Jim has sent cards, putting him among the all-time leaders in that stat.

Thanks for the cards Jim.

Updated totals:

1984 Fleer: 96
1985 Leaf: 30
1989 St. Vincent Stamp: 2
1990 Publications Int'l Sticker: 3
1991 Petro Canadian Stand-up: 3
1991 Post: 8
1992 Diet Pepsi: 7
1992 Upper Deck: 210
1993 Topps Traded: 22
1994 Collector's Choice: 27

1984 Fleer

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