Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trumball, Connecticut

These cards were sent by Anthony from Trumbull, Connecticut, which is now represented on the map.  That's a city that really rings out for me.  I still have strong memories of watching the kids from Trumbull win the Little League World Series in 1989.  After years of watching the international team drub us, it felt a like a big deal when it was won by the United States team. 

Anthony also included a nice letter with the cards that I didn't scan, but will answer the question he asked, that being if Tim Wallach knows about this blog and if he's ever contributed to it.

Yes, Tim Wallach is aware of this blog.  A couple of years ago a reporter was going to do a story on it and went so far as to set up a three way conference call with Coach Wallach, herself, and I.  I was able to fire off questions at him for a solid half-hour about everything from the '87 MVP award I feel Dawson stole from him, to how he displays his Gold Gloves, and how he knew it was time to retire.  It was awesome.  The magazine article never came to fruition, but that's more or less irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.  If Coach Wallach is bothered by this blog, or thinks it's strange, he did a fantatastic job at hiding it (and I'm sure he has to think it's a little weird, my whole family certainly thinks its weird).  He even hooked my father and I up with tickets to a Dodgers game in Denver afterwards.

He's never contributed cards (I get the sense he was never very much of a collector), but there's a standing offer that if he ever sees anything pop up here that'd he like for himself, it's his.

Thank you for cards Anthony, the updated totals are listed below:

1988 Topps AS: 490
1989 Topps: 480

1991 Fleer: 116
1991 Topps: 145
1994 Topps: 72
1996 Pinnacle: 30

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