Friday, May 1, 2015

Glenn Falls, NY

These 14 cards were sent by Nolan in Glenn Falls, NY.  This is the second time Nolan has sent cards.  I suspect that the red contest cards were included primarily for packaging purposes, but I actually really like those old 80's contest and send in-offer inserts from Topps.  For whatever reason, they hold the smell of bubble gum much better than the actual cards.  The red ones above actually still had a light dusting of sugar on them, giving the whole envelope a very nice vintage smell.

It really gets under my skin that Topps doesn't include gum with their cards anymore.  You'd think the company responsible for Bazooka Joe, and whose baseball card empire was literally built on the premise that only they could include baseball cards with their gum or confection candy of any sort, would still include gum.  If for no other reason than just to be sentimental, or as a nod to their own tradition and history, or even just for those of us who like to smack gum as we read the backs of baseball cards.

I'll stop ranting about gum now.  This envelope arrived well over a month ago (sorry for the delay Nolan), and as it was another one I was planning to post over my Spring Training trip I updated the totals in my records awhile ago and now they're no longer accurate, so I won't be posting them.  I will point out however that at the time these cards arrived, that the 1987 Topps was my 600th copy of it, making it the first card I've reached 600 of.  I'm probably going to make a big deal about #792 when I get there, but I feel like 600 deserves some mention too.

Thank you for the cards Nolan, I have some Andy Van Slykes set aside for you.

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  1. Glad they arrived. I busted some 1987 cello packs a while back and I couldn't throw out those contest cards. They come in handy.