Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Brett Wallach 2010 Great Lakes Loons #32

Card Review: B+   If this card looks familiar, it's because it's the second time I've posted it.  The first one I came into possession of was autographed.  I wrote at the time when I posted it that I didn't know if they were all autographed, or just the one I had in hand.  It didn't seem like that outlandish of a thing to do for a minor league giveaway, to have the players autograph them all.   This card serves as confirmation that they were not all autographed. 

I prefer this one to the autographed one.  That's not a knock on Brett Wallach, I just don't like autographed cards, regardless of whose signature is on it.  I mean unless it's something really goofy, like a Pedro Martinez autograph on an old Don Zimmer card, or something like that.  But as far as autographs go, they don't do a lot for me.  When I was a kid, they were a huge deal, but it was also more about getting close enough to Will Clark to get the autograph and the player acknowledging your existence.  I don't get the current craze of autographed cards in packs, but who am I to judge.  I hoard Tim Wallach cards.

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