Friday, February 6, 2015

1990 Baseball Magazine Interview


I recently purchased this on ebay.  I had it as a kid, and somewhere along the way it got lost.  There are couple of items that I can think of like that.  Items that I know I had at one point, but over the decades they were misplaced.  This and a drinking glass are the two that ring out in my mind as far as Wallach items, and now this has been replaced.

It's just a small magazine clipping on low quality paper.  I kept mine in the back of the three ring binder that I kept all my Wallach cards in, back when my collection was at a point where all my Wallach cards would fit in one three ring binder.

This particular magazine clipping was something I kept for well over a decade.  I even remember how I obtained my first one.  A friend gave it to me at the Shaw Butte Little League fields in 1990, which would have made me nine years old.  I know I kept it through at least high school.  It was really the only one of two interviews (the baseball talk card being the other) that I ever read or heard of Wallach until recently.

I had these answers memorized as a kid.  I remember after moving to Cooperstown, the year the Dodgers were going to be playing in the Hall of Fame Game, my father wanted to write to Wallach and invite him to the house for Mexican food as we lived just a couple of blocks down from Doubleday Field.  I convinced him not to, as at the time I thought it was far too outlandish and embarrassing of a proposition.  

Today I find the answers to "Players I'd pay to watch play" answer most interesting as it includes Don Mattingly.

Below is another picture with a card to give you some perspective on it's size.

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