Friday, January 30, 2015

1982 Topps un-cut sheet

I've always wanted one of these uncut sheets.  This is my first one, and it happens to include the Wallach rookie card.  I could be wrong, but I remember these things being wildly expensive as a kid. I picked this one up for less than $20 shipped.  Granted, it's pretty beat up, but that still struck me as very cheap.  However that seemed to be around the going rate for these.

Framing it isn't going to be as inexpensive.  My early estimates indicate that this thing will never see the inside of a frame, and even if I did one day splurge, it's far too big (about 43 x 29) to get the ever important stamp of approval from my wife to be hung on a wall in the house.  And it's not all on her, I have an area, but it's pretty full already and I don't really think I can make space for this.  It could be destined for a spot in the garage with my childhood NHL posters, thumbtacked to a wall.

Some of cool cards on the sheet are below.  Including the Expo killer Rick Monday two slots below Wallach, and some poor kid listed as the Future Star third baseman on the Expos rookie card between Terry Francona and Bryn Smith.


  1. I have an uncut sheet that I got directly from Topps in 1981... I think it was a promotional offer from the back of the header card in my Coca-Cola Mets team set. I had all kinds of ideas about framing it and displaying it, but being just a teenager at the time I had no ideas of how to do it and little money to do anything like framing. Ultimately the lack of resources and lack of ideas got the better of teenage me, and the sheet just ended up in the closet in the original mailing tube. I still have that sheet, still in the mailing tube, still in a closet - just not the same closet.

    One idea I did have is to cut the sheet in half so I'd have two half sheets of roughly 21" x 29", each one containing 6 rows of cards... potentially easier to display, but at that point its value is ruined. In your case the sheet is already damaged, so maybe it's worth considering.

    I'll be curious to hear about what you do with your uncut sheet!

    This is the second time in the past few months I've written about that sheet in someone else's comments. I really need to find that sheet and write a post about it on my own blog. :-)

  2. Quite a few HOF's hidden in there

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