Friday, November 7, 2014

Peoria, IL

These two 1984 Topps were sent by "Tom O." in Peoria, Illinois.  Thanks for the cards Tom.  They bring my total for '84 Topps up to 176 cards.  Tom's note (the pink sticky on the envelope) mentions that he bought a lot of 1,600 1984 Topps cards.  Assuming even distribution amongs the cards, that should have yielded 2.02 Wallach cards.

I'm curious to know, what if any "stars" were pulled from the lot.  Did it include the Mattingly's, Strawberry's, Ripken's and Gwynn's?  Just for my own purposes, I'd like to know what cards from that set are deemed to be worth pulling before selling off a lot of 1,600 of them.  If you read this Tom, and paid attention as I assume you tried to put together a set or two from the lot, what cards did the seller short you?

And Thanks for the Wallach's. 


  1. The lot was 23 cards short of a complete set. It Sandberg, Gwynn, Boggs, and Mattingly, but it was missing Pete Rose, Strawberry, Ripken, and Eddie Murray. There were actually duplicates of many of the stars. I think someone bought an entire collection and just sold it on Ebay without taking a look. I kept the doubles, but I sent the nearly completed set and the rest of the repeats to Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk, because he was due for a good package.

    Yes, Wes did get a Tim Wallach and I kept one for myself as well, because I'm going to try to complete the set. So their were 4 Wallach cards in the 1600+ cards! At $16 shipped, I felt like I got pretty good value from the purchase.

  2. If I ever get the other 150,000 or so '84 Wallachs that were printed, I'm going to need you to send those two in, but it can wait until then.