Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Induction T-Shirt 2014 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

I picked up a few of the official induction t-shirt from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend.  I'm sure my family members will wear them proudly.  "Yes, my 34 year old son/brother still blogs about his baseball card collection, and bought me this t-shirt."  I really like the shirt, it's destined to be in regular rotation for the gym and yard work.  The back gives it a sort of concert t-shirt feel.

 I was actually able to see a photo of this shirt before buying it.  A picture of Wallach wearing one (the photo is at the bottom of this post) showed up on twitter.  So in my email exchange with the gift shop I attached the photo and asked if the shirt was for sale.  Below is a screen grab of the exchange (it's a little small, sorry):

Thanks Scott.  I don't know if he was being funny (I hope so), or if he literally thought I was asking for the shirt of Wallach's back.  I really hope I don't come across as that weird, but then again, I have enough self-awarness as to the nature of this blog and how it may perceived to know that I might.  But, in any event, I was not asking for actual shirt in the picture, just if they sold identical ones.  They did, I ordered a few, and more pictures are below.

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