Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cards from Upstate New York

These cards arrived from "The Night Owl."  He's turned into a fairly regular contributor.  He's also from a part of upstate New York (or least his envelopes are from there) that I'm pretty familiar with.  I have family from Rome, and I moved to Cooperstown (from Phoenix) when I was in 5th grade.  Both are known as Section III in the world of high school sports.

I'm sure it's been explained, but I have no idea why Night Owl is a Dodger fan.  I think it's random.  And given the nature of this blog, I'm not one to judge random acts fandom.  It's not entirely unusual in New York as there are still holdout Brooklyn (and NY Giant) fans that linger.  In my experience though it tends to be really old guys and coeds who know little about baseball other than grandpa likes the Dodgers/Giants so they do too.  I briefly identified as a Dodger fan myself after Wallach was traded there from Montreal.  I went out and bought a new fitted Dodger cap and wore it religiously during the glorious Jose Offerman/Delino Deshields/Brett Butler Era of Dodger Blue semi-dominance.  When Wallach went to the California Angels, I bought an Angels hat, and tried my best to be an Angels fan (with little success).  I was relieved to swap it out for the Dodger cap again midway through the season.  I've also been purchasing Dodger gear again the last few years in support of their excellent coaching staff, though I don't identify as a Dodger fan (I just want them to win).

Thanks for the cards Greg, I have some oddball Dodger stuff to send, but nothing to get excited about as I'm sure you already have it, but I'll get it out anyways just in case you don't.  

Updated Totals: 

1988 Topps AS: 353
1989 Bowman: 82
1989 K-Mart: 15
1990 Score: 122
1991 Score: 97
1991 Score Franchise: 73
1992 Triple Play: 45
1995 Bazooka: 20
1995 Collector's Choice: 9
1997 Collector's Choice: 15

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  1. First card I ever pulled was 1974 Tommy John. That was the foundation for Dodger fandom.