Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brett Wallach 2010 Topps Pro-Debut #196

Card Review: A-  I'll be doing letter grades instead of number grades for cards of the Wallach "kids."  I also won't be doing a running tally of the number I have of each card.  I'm not trying to collect them "all."  That said, they're enough of a Wallach related item that I can't help but pick them up when I see new ones.  This card is probably the most legitimate card I own of a Wallach kid.  It's done in the same style and card  stock as the Topps base design in 2010, and is a decent looking photo as far as staged photos like this go.  I just would have like to seen a different photo on the back, and maybe some stats.  But I get the feeling Topps throws this set together pretty quickly.

The middle of the three Wallach boys, Brett is the tallest by a decent margin at 6'5.  A converted pitcher, Brett was a 3rd round pick of the Dodgers out of Orange Coast College.  After being traded to the Cubs, Brett suffered an arm injury that he's currently working his way back from.  Hopefully he'll get picked up by somebody this spring.

Fun Facts:
*Tommy Lasorda made the announcement when the Dodgers Drafted Brett Wallach.  Click here for the video.

If you don't feel like watching the short video, here's an excerpt from the accompanying article:

And leave it to Dodgers legend and Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda to provide one of the lighter sides of the Draft when he took the microphone in the third round to announce the Dodgers decision to draft the son of one of his former players, Tim Wallach.
"Hey, everybody, this pick is very special to me. I knew this pick when he was a baby," Lasorda said on the microphone. "His father was one of the greatest players of our generation. We select Brett Wallach, a pitcher from Orange Coast Junior College in Costa Mesa, Calif."
Lasorda stole the spotlight and surprised everybody by making the pick as it was supposed to be announced by Major League Baseball's executive vice president of baseball operations Jimmie Lee Solomon.

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