Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Minor League Card Lot Purchase

The above package of cards may not look like much, but it's probably the single greatest package of Wallach cards I have ever received.  It's only 32 cards, 8 different.  But those three of those 8, are three cards I didn't previously have, and a fourth is a major upgrade of a card I only had one of.  I don't know if I've ever received three Wallach cards I didn't already have at one time.  Perhaps twenty years ago when new cards were coming out, but certainly not since the inception of this blog.  Three of the four cards in this package that I did already have, were cards I only had one of.  Everything about this package was awesome.

I stumbled upon this website almost by mistake.  I clicked on some random card blog that I'm pretty sure I had never read before and it mentioned this site that sells minor league cards.  It's very bare bones.  Nothing to browse.  Just an email address.  So I went ahead and sent an email to the guy, and he responded, quickly.  A week later this arrived in my mailbox.  Despite the barebones website, the package was very slick.  You can see the custom paper the cards are wrapped in, and the sleeve with the MiLB hologram (probably recycled from a team set, but who cares).  If you collect a particular player, I strongly encourage you to check out the site and send Dave Weber an email, click the banner below:

Below are the cards I received.  I intentionally obscurred four of them.  They'll be the subject of upcoming post.  But as you can see, my Albuquerque Isotope collection just grew considerably.  Thank you Dave.

Updated Totals:

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