Monday, July 22, 2013

Radio Show Reference

That's a screen shot from the Sportsnet webpage earlier today.  They're like the ESPN of Canada.  A tv, radio, and magazine sports empire all collected under one flag.  I don't make a point of posting every time Wallach is in the news.  I'm only posting this, because this blog was mentioned.

Sportsnet previously did a small blurb on this blog in their magazine.  They then had me on as a radio guest with some dude named Jeff Sammut.  Jeff and his cohost/producer people were all very cool, and said nice things on the air after I hung up.

In any event, the Dodgers are making a rare visit to Toronto to play the Blue Jays.  And since Tim Wallach is still (presumably) a bit of a folk hero and sports icon in Canada, he was a guest on Sportsnet radio this morning.   This blog (and myself) were mentioned by name.  Wallach was cool, mentioned he left tickets for me at a recent Dodgers/Rockies game in Denver.  Click the link below to listen, Wallach comes on at the 4:10 mark, and they mention this blog at the 12:04 mark.  You need to look for the screen grab below once you click the link.  It wasn't working earlier, hence the "Corrected."

I learned about this completely out of the blue from a random emailer who heard the segment, looked up this blog, and informed me he will be sending me all of his Wallach's.  Hopefully the rest of the shows audience will be equally pro-active.

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  1. Awesome! Always nice to get a shout out in the old school media outlets.