Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cards in the Mail

"The Junior Junkie" sent cards again from Louisana.  I haven't gone back and looked for an exact tally, but he's quickly gaining on "Kaz" in Delaware as the most frequent sender in this blog's history.  That's a '91 Leaf preview card on the left, the 2nd one to show up from a reader in my mailbox this week.  Pretty cool, very random, and always welcomed.

T.J. likes Ken Griffey Jr. cards, but I've sent him most of the ones I have (had) already, so I'm going to have to find something else.  Perhaps a stack of that other Seattle icon, Shawn Kemp.  Speaking of Seattle icons, I think it's well past time Topps did an SP Eddie Vedder card (not to mention include a Wallach as one of the SP retired player variations).  The only question would be what team to show Vedder as.  I see four options, and here they are in my personal order of preference:

(1) Chicago White Sox:  The iconic image of Vedder from the early 90's is that of Eddie wearing Jack McDowells White Sox cap with a brown corduroy jacket, and he's a Chicago guy.

(2) Seattle Mariners: Pearl Jam is a Seattle band, and the Mariners have done bobble heads of other Pearl Jam members.  Pearl Jam has also sold merchandise in the Mariners style, so maybe Topps could just make the team "Pearl Jam."

(3) Minnesota Twins:  Not sure what the connection is, but picture the image below on a card

(4) Chicago Cubs: I love Pearl Jam, and hate the Cubs.  So I wouldn't be rooting for this.  But Eddie has sang Take Me Out the Ball Game numerous times in Wrigley, Pearl Jam just played what I'm told was an epic show there this week, and Vedder has even written a song about them at the request of Ernie Banks.

Enough on hypothetical Eddie Vedder cards, here are the updated Wallach totals for the cards sent:

1990 Fleer: 130

1991 Leaf Preview: 6

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