Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cards (and stuff) in the Mail, From Canada

This is one of the more substantial packages I've ever received in the mail.  This was sent by Doug from Kitchener, Ontario, and "Sports Cards From the Dollar Store."  It's the 2nd time Doug has sent cards.  Included were 15 cards and that Youppi toy.  Youppi was the mascot of the Expos.  Today Youppi is the official mascot of the Montreal Canadians, and per his wiki page, he's (it's?) the only mascot to ever make the switch from MLB to the NHL.

Below are the cards Doug sent.  The one in the upper left isn't actually a Wallach.  It's an Andy Van Slyke.  Van Slyke was from the Utica, NY area (New Hartford maybe), and growing up the Utica Dispatch used to print stats of every local player in the minors or bigs.  For years Andy sat alone at the top of the list as the only local guy in the bigs until he was eventually joined by Archie Cianfracco (Rome, NY).

Thank you very much for the cards Doug and the Youppi toy.  It's actually the first and only Youppi item in my collection.  I'll try to get something out to you in the near future.


  1. Mark Lemke is also from Utica and played around that time. They didn't include him in the stats?

  2. I forgot about Lemke. He was there too. I still subconsciously ignore anything related to the Atlanta Braves.

  3. Any chance you could forward my contact info to Doug on the off chance he has the Bill Virdon Expos card I have been looking for? My email is ajpca07 at hotmail dot com.

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