Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1991 Holsum Disk #3

Card Review: N/A  I don't claim to be an expert on baseball cards.  I've bought a lot of them over the years, but I don't think of myself as any sort of an authority figure on the subject.  As such, as my Wallach collection has grown, I've turned to online databases to figure out what Wallach cards may still be out there that I don't even have one of.

There are several of these databases, and for the most part they're the same.  They're all the same for Wallach give or take one or two cards, and they can't seem to agree what year the Alaska Gold Panners set was from.  In any event, they're a useful tool for me.  My pet peeve is they all have a very loose definition of what a "card" is.  I don't consider this to be a "card."  I can see the argument, it's cardboard, numbered, and has stats, but it's not really a baseball card.  Other stuff isn't even close.  For instance, they list postcards, and 8x10 photo sheets, and things of that nature.  And because it's on there, I feel an obligation to track it down.

None that is the fault of this Holsum disk.  I actually really like it for some reason.  I'm pretty sure these came inserted in loafs of bread that were sold in Canadian grocery stores.  I could be wrong.

Number of this "card" in my collection: 1

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  1. This is another MSA card. It seems a company called Michael Schechter and Associates manufactured circular cards for several non-sports related companies including Kraft but most prolifically King B Jerky. They all have this same general look.

    I didn't know these were made for Holsum. I wonder if there's a Griffey floating around somewhere....