Friday, May 17, 2013

Cards in the Mail

These cards came from T.J. in Louisiana.  This isn't the first time T.J. has sent cards.  His efforts do not go unnoticed.  That "highlights" card is not one I had ever seen before.  I'm not sure what to do with it. It's definitely a Nomo/Dodger card, but it's also pretty obvious that Wallach is on it.  I'm not going to count it as a Wallach or pursue anymore of them, but I'm not going to throw it away either.  I think for now it will find a spot in the back of one of the white boxes I keep all my doubles in (I have a lot of doubles).  In the back of the last box I have some odd ball cards I don't count, like the Sportflics Expos preview card, some early Fleer Expos stickers, things like that.

Here are the updated totals for the cards sent by T.J.

1988 Fleer: 142
1990 Fleer: 128
1992 Triple Play: 34

T.J. Collects Ken Griffey Jr. cards, if your so inclined check out his website, and maybe send him your Juniors.

1 comment:

  1. Glad they arrived safely....

    I came across that in my collection a few months ago, and I've been holding onto it for you since then. I know it's not official - it's a surprise card! And there's more Wallach on that card than anybody else, even Nomo.