Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ebay Purchase

Ebay for the most part isn't the most effective method for accumulating mass quanities of Wallachs.  I use it primarily for odd-ball items, and modern individually serial numbered cards.  Fifteen years ago it was "great" for aquiring lots of cards.  But that was relative to the size of my collection.  As I close in on the 10,000 card mark, it's rare that I find a lot large enough to make any real dent.  

Which isn't to say I don't buy smaller lots.  The one above I just "won" for $0.99 with free shipping.  I kind of felt bad for the seller when it arrived with a $2.35 postage sticker.  It's 36 cards in all.  All from '86-'91.  I'm just not going to blindly throw money at a 12 card lot priced at $5.00.  For now there are other ways to make my money go further.  

Here's a rundown of the cards and updated totals:

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