Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baseball Magazine Vol 17 No 4 July 1985

This is the 2nd "Baseball Magazine" I've picked up with Wallach on the cover.  I still don't know much about it.  I'm assuming it was put out by the Expos, as everything is written twice (French/English) except the ads which are only in French,  and there is no mention of any other teams.

The article on Wallach isn't anywhere near as interesting as the one in the 1983 Baseball Magazine.  It's more or less some generic stuff on how good of a fielder he's become, and almost somewhat disparaging in it's assertion that his bat was supposed to be great (but is only pretty good).  It does lobby for him to make the All-Star team (which did), and Wallach has some interesting quotes to the effect of not expecting to win the fan vote due to playing in Montreal, but might have a chance were he a Met or a Dodger.

There were a few other interesting pieces in the magazine.  An article on Joe Hesketh, who I used to always like despite never ever actually seeing him pitch.  Joe was .500 or better as a pitcher in each of the seven seasons he pitched for the Expos, but never won more than 10 games.  This looked good on the back of a baseball card.  

There also a pull-out poster of Hubie Brooks, a article on Herb Washington, and a somewhat strange family photo collage of Vance Law.  

Also included was a score card, which leads me to believe these were sold at Olympic Stadium.  

Some the ads are sort of neat too.  Including a couple for Hygrade Meat, which do shed some light on the '82 Hygrade Meat Expos cards.

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