Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Knock it off Dude

Sometimes when an odd-ball Wallach pops up on ebay, I get outbid.  Then I kick myself for being stingy over the matter of a buck or two.  It happened recently with one of those god awful 2012 Leaf Memories.  One #/5 popped up and I bid $2 and forgot about it.  Then I checked back and found it had been sniped with a couple of seconds left in auction.  This happens.  Some dude is trying to complete a set.

That's just the nature of collecting and the secondary market.  There are a lot of people out there collecting a lot of different things for different reasons.  Sometimes we step on each others toes.  But then this happened (this actually happened first):

I bid on this and forgot about it.  When I checked back, someone had tried to snipe it with 6 seconds left.  Not just any bidder, the same dude who outbid me on the Leaf Memories.  If I wanted to compete with others for cards of my favorite player, I could have just collected Don Mattinglys.  So to whoever has decided to compete, please, knock it off dude.  Start collecting Vance Law cards, or Kelly Grubers.  I'll be happy to help you out.


  1. Dude needs to start a blog about his Tim Wallach cards if he thinks he's a Wallach collector.

  2. I know there is at least one other "Super Fan" out there, but this is the first I've noticed anyone dipping into the card market.

    Someone posted an extremely cringe worthy YouTube tribute video to Wallach awhile back. I've never mentioned it because (1) I don't want anyone getting the false idea that I made it, and (2) I'm pretty sure Mr. Wallach would prefer people not see it as well.

  3. Thank goodness no one seems to care too much about Pat Tabler.

  4. Your last two posts have made me worry about my Jalen Rose collection.