Monday, September 7, 2020

Chalfont, PA

 These two cards were sent by Peter of Chalfont, Pennsylvania.  Chalfont is a new addition to the map.  The '82 Donruss Wallach is one of the first cards I ever obtained over a 100 copies of.  Back in the very early days of eBay I picked up a 100 card lot, it was probably one of my first ever eBay purchases.  Since then though, it's been a little tough to come by.  So it's nice to see it when it shows up like this.  It's a card that's grown on me a lot.  The back drop of pre-lights Wrigley on what appears to be an overcast day in Chicago makes for an interesting baseball card.

If any of you are still checking this blog given the complete dearth of post the last few months, thanks, and hopefully I'll be catching up on the enormous back log of cards I've been sent over the next 2-3 weeks.

Updated Totals:

You can check out Peter's blog by clicking the logo below or this link:

Baseball Every Night

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  1. So glad to know you got the cards! I wish I had more to send to you. Someday!