Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ebay Purchase

This is a lot of 27 1992 Diet Pepsi cards I recently purchased on eBay.  I'm not shy about my enthusiasm for "food product" cards, typical of the ones found in cereal boxes.  That said, I also don't mind acknowledging that this Diet Pepsi card isn't my favorite.  The design is fine, I just don't think the colors work well with the Expos white uniforms.  It'd probably be a better looking card if it was a photo using the road blues.  In any event, I went ahead and picked these up at a very reasonable price. 

Another common point I make on this blog is pointing out the occasions when I acquire more copies of a card than I previously had.  Such was the case here, as I previously only had 9 copies of this card.  On one hand, it's nice to pick up a large number of copies at once, on the other, it's evidence that someone was sitting around with more copies of a card than I had.  I will say that it rarely happens twice with the same card, but who knows.  Some Pepsi employee maybe sitting on a 1,000 sets of these stupid things.

Finally, I don't normally show the envelopes for purchases, I save that for cards sent by readers, but the Canadian postage stamp of NHL Hall of Famer and 3x Norris Trophy winner Pierre Pilote deserves to be seen, so here it is:

The photo may not show it, but the stamp is a solid 2 inches tall, it's about the size of the Topps Mini Leader cards.

Updated Total:

1992 Diet Pepsi: 36

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  1. Red, white and blue in the uniform, red, white and blue in the design, looks like it matches to me.

    Love those dollar-plus stamps.