Friday, May 17, 2019

Lake Barrington, IL

This group of four cards is the fifth time that Storms has sent me Wallach's (at least by my math).  This group features three some what "rare" cards.  The '91 Leaf is actually of the "Preview" variety and not the standard base set '91 Leaf.  I'd also be remiss not to point out that yellow O-Pee-Chee rectangle in the corner of the '85.  Finally the '91 Panini "Canadian Top 15" isn't a sticker I see very often and still know next to nothing about.  The standard '91 Panini were tiny rectangular stickers, so these "Top 15" variants obviously weren't coming in the same packages.

Thanks for the cards Storms.

Updated Totals:

1985 O-Pee-Chee: 24
1991 Leaf Preview: 13
1991 Panini Canadian Top 15: 23
1991 Topps: 245

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