Saturday, July 14, 2018

eBay Pick-up

I recently picked up this lot of fifty 1982 Fleer Wallach cards on ebay.  Typically on ebay, when it comes to lots, I like to keep it under 5¢ a card shipped, and avoid anything over 10¢ a card shipped, unless there is something really compelling about the lot.  This one ended up costing me a little more than my dime a card ceiling once the shipping was added, but I can live with it.  1982 Fleer is one of my favorite non-Topps sets of the 80's, and while this card likely wouldn't make my non-existent Top 10 list for favorite Wallach's, it would definitely be in the honorable mention category.

Updated Total:

1982 Fleer x50: 294

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