Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Newark, DE

These two cards showed up recently curteousy of Kaz.  Kaz retired from card blogging, but used to operate one of my favorites, "This Way to the Clubhouse."  It's still up if you want to click the link and take a look.  If you notice, that 1992 is the regular "Gold" variation, and not the far more common "Gold Winner."  It's actually the first "Gold" copy I've picked up since 2013, and only my 5th one total.  Thanks for cards Mark.

Updated Totals:

1992 Topps Gold: 5
1995 Topps Cyber Stats: 21


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  1. I was at a gas station in Clear Lake, IA just the other day and I was wearing my Expos cap. A guy called out to me, "Expos! My bother-in-law played for them." "What was his name?" "Tim Wallach". I kid you not.