Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2017 Bowman 70th Anniversary Buybacks "1991"

Card Review: 8.0  I'm only docking this card a tenth of a point for the foil stamping added to the front.    I liked the the 1991 Bowman set, and would probably go so far as to put it just a notch below 1991 Fleer as my favorite set of the year (but don't hold me to that).  The clean simple design (much like 1990 Bowman) is what I like about 1991 Bowman, so while the stamping is far from horrible, it's still unnecessary clutter.

Tops did a better job with these Bowman buybacks (Topps still owns Bowman, right?) than they did with they're own, but such a good job that I can support this fad.  It's disingenuous, tacky, and unnecessary.  Just pack the original cards in.  Don't stamp them and call them "new."  They're not.  They're just vandalized.  Which can be cool.  And these Bowman's are closer to being "cool" than the "Rediscover" non-sense, or any of that Leaf Memories garbage, but it still isn't cool.

I could get behind Tops finding legitimately roughed up cards with the scribblings of children from twenty years ago and inserting them, or how about buying cards from actual players or celebrities and stamping who the original owner was on them?  "From the collection of Mike Trout" would be cooler than another autograph card, wouldn't it?


Number of this card in my collection: 1

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