Saturday, July 29, 2017

2017 Bowman 70th Anniversary Buybacks "1990"

Card Review: 9.2
This card looks better without the 70th logo.  You can read about my profuse praise for the original, or un-altered copy (as this is technically an original too), here.  As far as the "buyback" logos go, this is probably the best that I've seen.  It's actually very well done, especially compared to the "Rediscover Topps" nonsense that I've seen so much of this year.

I don't know much about these cards.  I didn't know they were a thing until I saw a couple on eBay, and I had to do a google search just to figure out what it was called and what packs they were falling out of.  There really wasn't much out there on them, with differing opinions as to whether they exists with different color stamps, and if they how many different colors, and which colors are the most/least common.  I'm not losing any sleep over it, as I don't consider these "unique" cards and view my collection as complete without them.  I have plenty of 1990 Bowman.  Some dude stamping copies in a factory 27 years later doesn't make them "new."

Number of Copies in my collection: 1

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  1. I agree with you... stamping with foil doesn't make them new, but I still added the Sandberg to my collection when I found it for a quarter at a card show.
    The stamp is in the same location as my Sandberg card, which is too bad. It would have looked much better under Wallach's throwing arm.