Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autograph #FFA-TWA "Peach" #/150

Card Review: 8.3

While I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a "peach" bordered Topps set in the future as a non-starter monstrosity that I would reject out of hand on principle, "peach" doesn't work with the other colors on 1989 Topps.  I think with the right design and accents, "peach" could work, it just doesn't here.

I don't think I'm alone in that assessment, which sort of begs the question, "what was Topps thinking?"  My best guess is that they were trying to match the pinkish color that dominates most the of the back.  Had they been able to replicate it and have a true match, it might of worked.  Though it would still clash with the red, blue, and baby blue on the front in the team name and border.

This "Peach" variation, limited to 150 copies, is the most common variation after the standard auto card.  There's also a blue (75), red (25), and gold (1) variation.  I haven't actually opened any Archives this year.  I was prepared to, but by the time my Target finally had some in stock, I already had a small stack of Wallach cards from the set, and figured I had blown enough on 2017 Archives already via buying these on eBay.  So in the off-chance the lady that the stocks the cards at my Target is reading this (she isn't), get your act together.  I'm trying so hard to give you my money.  But back to my point, having not bought any Archives, I haven't looked at a wrapper, so I don't know the lottery odds on these "Peach" variations, or if they're even labeled as "Peach."  Did Topps designate them as "Peach," or did the first person to start listing them on eBay just come up with that name and everyone else ran with it?  I'd have probably have gone with "pink" if I were doing the labeling.

As on odd little aside, my first two of these cards are consecutively numbered, 128 and 129.

Number of this card in my collection: 2
2017 update: 5


  1. Good luck tracking down the other 148 of them!

  2. I wonder if there's any kind of record for highest percentage owned of a numbered card....