Monday, May 1, 2017

2017 "Rediscover Topps" 1989 #720

Card Review: 9.2

I'm docking this card half a point off the grade I gave the "real" 1989 Topps due to the necessary foil stamping.  It looked better without it.

I like that Topps is putting vintage cards in current packs.  It's a cool idea, and I think it's great for kids.  But the stamping isn't for the kids.  It's for those of us (or more accurately, this of you) in the collecting universe who open packs and toss out the real cards while searching for what ever super-duper-mega-rare-and-shiny non-real card Topps is stuffing into packs at carefully stated odds.

I'm going to look into creating a baseball card themed scratch off lottery ticket so those collector's can get their fix with out sabotaging card collecting for those of us who would rather find a stick of gum than some gold matrix parallel.

Number in my collection:

Bronze: 1

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