Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday Edition

Happy Easter.  Below are Tim Wallach's career stats for games played on Easter, which included home runs in both his first and last Easter Sunday games.

April 19, 1981, Doubleheader at Shea Stadium
Expos 4, Mets 3; Ray Burris (W), Craig Swan (L), Woodie Fryman (S)
Wallach: DNP
Mets 7, Expos 2; Pat Zachary (W, CG), Charlie Lea (L)
Wallach: 1/4 Home Run, RBI, Run 

April 11, 1982 at Veterans Stadium
Phillies 1, Expos 0; Mike Krukow (W, SHO), Ray Burris (L)
Wallach: 0/2 BB

April 3, 1983 -Season yet to begin-

April 22, 1984 at Busch Stadium II
Expos 4, Cardinals 2; Bryn Smith (W), Joaquin Andujar (L), Jeff Reardon (S)
Wallach: 0/4

April 7, 1985 -Season yet to begin-

March 30, 1986 -Season yet to begin-

April 19, 1987 at Wrigley Field
Expos 3, Cubs 1; Lary Sorensen (W), Jamie Moyer (L), Andy McGaffigan (S)
Wallach: 1/4 Double, Run, RBI

April 3, 1988 -Season yet to begin-

March 26, 1989 -Season yet to begin-

April 15, 1990 at Olympic Stadium
Expos 3, Mets 1; Zane Smith (W), Ron Darling (L), Tim Burke (S)
Wallach 1/3 HBP

March 31, 1991 -Season yet to begin-

April 19, 1992 at Olympic Stadium
Mets 11, Expos 6; Anthony Young (W), Jeff Fassero (L, BS)
Wallach: 0/2 SF, RBI, BB

April 11, 1993 at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
Braves 3, Dodgers 0; John Smoltz (W), Ramon Martinez (L), Mike Stanton (S)
Wallach: 0/2  2BB's

April 3, 1994 -Season yet to begin-

April 16, 1995 -Season yet to begin- (Thanks Bud)

April 7, 1996 at Anaheim Stadium
Angles 6, White Sox 5; Chuck Finley (W), Wilson Alvarez (L), Troy Percival (S)
Wallach: 1/3 Home Run, RBI, Run

And since I don't have any cards of bunnies, here are a couple of the Chicken and one of the Bird.

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