Tuesday, March 28, 2017

eBay Pickups

 I don't typically buy single Wallach cards on eBay anymore, unless it's something I don't have, which these days happens a lot more than it used to with all the "Rediscover Topps" floating around (but even that novelty has started to wear off given the abundance of them that seem to be available).  Single cards on eBay just don't offer the best bang for my buck.  Sure, I like a Jumbo Sunflower Seed card and don't have a ton of them, but I'd rather buy 30 '87 Topps on a bulk sales site than a single card on eBay.  I recently made an exception though.

I came across a seller with flat rate shipping and seven (7!) '85 Topps Tiffany Wallach's listed in his inventory.  I previously had two, and last picked one up in 2012.  And while I've certainly passed up more than two of them on eBay in the past, '85 Tiffany does in fact seem to be scarcer than the other Tiffany sets.  I know sellers like to claim it's "rare," but I've also seen a good number of '91 Donruss Wallach's described as "rare" by sellers.  '85 Tiffany's reputation has at least some merit in my casual field research on the subject.  So seven at a $1 apeice with flat shipping was enough to get me to break my habits (and if the title and concept of this blog isn't enough of an indication, I am a creature of habit) and buy single Wallach cards on eBay.  I went ahead and searched the seller's other Wallach's for sale.  I found five '84 Topps Tiffany (my first ones since 2013), and a 2005 Rookie Cup Orange variant.  I passed on a few of his "rare" '91 Donruss Wallachs.

I don't have many '85 Topps Tiffany cards.  I don't just mean of Wallach, I don't have many period.  But the ones I do have all suffer from a yellow tint.  I thought they were all that way, until these arrived and one of the Wallach's was a clean white with no yellow tint.  My picture doesn't show it the greatest, but it's an even more obvious difference in hand.  Have any of you ever cracked and sleeved a set of this and have any input?  Is it just luck of the draw with some sets being all yellow, others all white?  Do they very within the box sets, or is it just a simple issue of poor storage that leads to discoloration?  I'm pretty sure I've never seen another blog diving too deep into '85 Tiffany and have very little first hand stock to go on.

Updated Totals:

1984 Topps Tiffany x5: 12
1985 Topps Tiffany x7: 9
2005 Topps Rookie Cup Orange: 14

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  1. I thought the yellow tint was just from aging, but it must have something to do with being exposed to the air. No?