Tuesday, February 21, 2017

West Sand Lake, NY

"Slane" of West Sand Lake, NY sent this group of eight Wallach cards (sorry if I'm getting the name wrong, but it's tough to read).  West Sand Lake is a new addition to my map, it's a little east of Albany.  That '86 Topps, as one might suspect, went through a washing machine per a note included with the cards.  The note doesn't specify, but to me, going through the wash implies that it was also stuck deep enough into a pocket to go undetected throughout the hamper/washer/dryer process.  I myself have had more than a few cards go through the wash in my lifetime, as for a few years, pockets were perfectly reasonable place to keep cards, especially good ones that I wanted to bring with to school, shopping, dinner, etc.  The cards tended to look like they'd spent time in a pocket afterwards, with or without the washing machine.  I have no problem with Wallach cards in this shape.  They all count.  Here's another look at it up close:

Thanks for the cards Slane.

Updated Totals:

1986 Donruss: 137
1986 Topps: 286
1988 Donruss: 708
1988 Score: 234
1988 Topps: 605
1988 Topps All-Star x3:  587

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