Tuesday, May 17, 2016

1989 Alaska Goldpanners All-Stars Team Set

I recently picked up a couple of these team sets on ebay.  The Wallach card from this set spent over twenty years atop my most wanted list before I finally acquired some back in 2013.  I was beginning to doubt they even existed.  So when these team sets popped up, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.  To be blunt, I question their authenticity.  Granted, I couldn't tell a difference with the one's I already had (from a very trustworthy source), but it wouldn't be the hardest set in the world to counterfeit.  My questioning comes more from the fact that the dealer immediately listed more sets to sell after I bought out the two that he had listed.  At the same time, I don't doubt the possibility of someone stumbling across a box filled with hundreds of these things in the back of the Goldpanner concession stand either.  I guess my final judgment call is that their legit, but I'm glad I already have a couple coupies I trust too.

Below are all the cards from the set:

Floyd Bannister: 15 MLB seasons, 134 career wins, was an All-Star in 1982 when he led the AL with 209 strike outs.

Mike Boddicker: 14 MLB seasons, 134 career wins (same as Bannister above), was an All-Star in 1984 when he led the AL with 20 wins and a 2.79 ERA.

Steve Kemp: 11 MLB seasons, 1,124 career hits, All-Star in 1979 (.318, 26 HR, 105 RBI) 

Greg Harris: 15 MLB seasons, 74 career wins, 54 career saves.

Tim Leary: 13 MLB Seasons, 78 career wins, led AL in losses (19) and wild pitches (23) as a Yankee in 1990.

Pete Redfern: 7 MLB seasons, 42 wins, 4.54 ERA

Scott Sanderson: 19 MLB seasons, 1990 All-Star,  163 wins, 3.84 ERA

Don Slaught: 16 MLB Seasons, 1,151 hits, 476 RBI, .283 avg. 

Dave Smith: 13 MLB Seasons, 2x All-Star, 216 saves, 2.67 ERA 
Ed Vande Berg: 7 MLB seasons, 25 wins, 22 saves, 3.92 ERA, led AL pitchers with 78 games in 1982 as a Mariner.

Tim Wallach: 17 MLB Seasons, 5x All-Star, 3x Gold Glover, 2,085 hits, 260 Home Runs, Led NL in doubles in '87 and '89 

Dave Winfield: 22 MLB Seasons, Hall of Famer, 12x All-Star, 6x Gold Glover, 3,110 hits, 465 home runs.


  1. What an awesome set. Likens to 1984 Topps which is one of my favorites.