Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wallach Plaque at Goodwin Field

The above is a plaque that stands at Goodwin Field, home of the Cal-State Fullerton Titans baseball team.  Wallach led Fullerton to a National Championship in 1979 (only Fullerton's 3rd season as a D-1 program) and won the Gold Spikes Award along the way.  Given that MLB drowned the Expos and all of their history in the bathtub before the Expos had a chance to retire #29, this plaque is about the closest thing there is to a Mecca for the dozens of Wallach fans like myself.  I finally made my pilgrimage this month.

There's also a "Wall of Honor" (or something to that effect) that runs along the outside of the park along the third baseline that has Wallach and his #29 featured.  I made an unannounced detour to Goodwin with my wife and daughter while we were in Anaheim recently to finally visit this site that I've seen on television for so many years.  I half expected that I may have to hop a fence to make the visit (I figured security wouldn't go too hard on a guy in an Expos hat with a Wallach card in his wallet getting sentimental about a plaque, if I were caught in the process), but as luck would have it, there was softball game going on that morning and the kid working the gate was nice enough to let us all in for free.  So I had my wife take a few photos, and I snapped one off of my #WalletCard and checked this item off my bucket list.  I'd like to make it back one day, ideally for an NCAA Regional, but I don't find myself in California very often.

 Wallet Card on the plaque 

Me pointing at the plaque with my daughter popping into the background 

Goodwin Field

The "Wall of Honor" or something like that

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  1. Pretty neat. I like Les Expos hat you're rockin'.