Thursday, January 21, 2016

Phoenix, Arizona

These cards were sent by an anonymous sender in Arizona, who apparently disagreed with my hypothetical Hall of Fame ballot I posted a couple of weeks ago.  I had Barry Bonds at the top of the list due to his being the greatest player of my life time and on the short list for greatest player of all-time.  That enough to garner my make believe Hall of Fame vote.  As for Bonds' use of a banned bengay/icyhot cream, I wrote:

"I still have a hard time equating something done in a Scottsdale, AZ weight room in January, to cheating in Yankee Stadium in July.  Stealing signs from center field is cheating.  Hacking another teams computers is cheating.  Bribing an umpire is cheating.  Taking narcotics to fight a hangover on game day is borderline cheating.  Taking a vitamin or medicine we've arbitrarily declared not to be an allowable medicine or vitamin during the off-season is something else altogether."

You'll note the return address on the envelope is "Weight Room, Scottsdale, AZ."  Fair enough.  Thank you for the cards.

Updated totals:

1985 Topps: 257
1986 Topps: 239
1986 Topps AS x2: 447
1987 Topps: 702

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